Joyous Leader Testimonials 

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Mary, Athlete

"As a professional female boxer and personal
trainer, my success depends on self discipline,
confidence, and mental strength. Johane has been
my angel and teacher. She is accessible, gives
me tough love, and guides me in implementing
self-care practices that have brought me greater
joy in life and success in my career. Her expertise
lies in discovering one’s internal power and using
that power to propel you forward!"

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Elsie, Executive Director

"Having had the opportunity to witness the
amazing career path of Johane, both from the
sight of a community leader and personal friend, I
am overjoyed when I have the opportunity to
work with her. Indeed a joyous, professional, and
overall super leader, trainer, and mentor."

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Juan, Photographer

"Johane is empowerment
personified. She has personally coached
and uplifted me to trust in my innate
talents to pursue my passions. I have
launched my dream into a successful
business. Johane is methodical, driven,
and inspirational.”

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Michelle, Executive Director

"Johane has an amazing ability to connect to her audience and help them see the truth of their being with compassion and precision. She then
empowers her audience members to get into

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Emma, Fashion Designer

“My life and my business have completely
transformed. After 20 years as an entrepreneur,
Johane was able to inspire me to recapture my
vision. She helped me to identify and create
results-driven systems for my business to be
even more successful." - Emma Fashion
Boutique Owner

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Donna, Psychotherapist

"Johane is an enlightened, progressive, sensitive, intelligent educator with the vision of a leader and the heart of a healer. My journey with her has just begun and yet I feel as if our connection is as old as the cosmos. I can say, with the utmost confidence, that her insight and guidance has already changed the trajectory of my life both personally and professionally. I look forward to continuing my journey with Johane and seeing where our work together will take me. I already feel as if I am soaring on the wings of eagles!"

Jenine, Entrepreuner

“Johane is not only a powerful woman! She has been a great inspiration to my
life... Her grace and poise has been a breath
taking experience that guided me on a path and
opened my eyes to find the true value of myself.
To me she not only a Life coach but has become
sister to me... And she does it “With style and

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Lauren, Branding Specialist

"Johane is a dynamic and fine-tuned educator and administrator. Her effective leadership expertise empowers those around her, creating positive waves of action and powerful shifts in
environment. Johane's professionalism combined
with her high-level emotional intelligence, creates
and fosters excellent communication skills,
increased confidence and expanded abilities in
her employees, students and clients. Johane's
smile and charisma captivate any audience while
she teaches us how to fill the gap between
inspiration and results with right, measurable

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Elan, Executive Director

"Johane's candor and compassionate questioning help leaders to thrive in their strength zone while honing their areas of growth and maximizing their resources."

Alero, Marketing Manager

"Before I started working with Johane, I felt stuck and unsure of what it meant to take care of myself. After our first conversation I found myself becoming more aware of my feelings and emotions. I’m learning how to be there for others while still taking care of my own soul. She is always checking in and makes it so easy to share. We laugh, we cry and we share. I am so grateful to be working with Johane!"

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April, Businesswoman

"Johane's authentic presence and essence is pure love and respect for all. As an educator, yoga and meditation teacher I am always looking to work on my spiritual,intellectual and emotional growth. Johane, has served as my mentor, teacher, and has taught me how to listen and to trust my intuition. Johane has the ability to communicate effectively, connect to each individual person and teaches her students dynamic leadership tools for overall success. Her energy is supportive, uplifting, positive and open. Johane is insightful,creative, compassionate, and a woman of integrity"

Alex, Producer

“I highly recommend working with Johane. Her loving aura makes it easy to open up to. When you want to improve your life you want to look for a coach that makes you feel comfortable in the transitional period, Johane is that coach. She is easy to talk to and patient. Thank you Johane, for my ever evolving perception on life and helping me recognize what I deserve.”