The Joyous Impact

“Johane is an enlightened, progressive, intelligent educator with the vision of a leader and the heart of a healer. I can say with the utmost confidence that her insight and guidance have already changed the trajectory of my life both professionally and personally.”


"Johane is empowerment personified. She has personally coached and uplifted me to trust in my innate talents to pursue my passions.  I have launched my dream into a successful business.  Johane is methodical, driven, and inspirational!"


"My life and my business have completely transformed.  After 20 years as an entrepreneur, Johane was able to inspire me to recapture my vision.  She helped me to identify and create results-driven systems for my business to be even more successful."


"Having had the opportunity to witness Johane's leadership journey, I am overjoyed at this long overdo and awaited initiative...  Indeed an overall super leader, trainer, and mentor."

Elsie-Executive Director of HAUP

"Johane has an amazing capacity to connect to her audience and clients to help them see the truth of their beings with compassion and precision.  She then empowers them to get into action."

Dr. Bria - Executive Director of Journey House

"Johane  is a dynamic and fine-tuned educator and administrator. Her effective leadership expertise empowers those around her, creating positive waves of action and powerful shifts in environment. Johane's professionalism combined with her high-level emotional intelligence, creates and fosters excellent communication skills, increased confidence and expanded abilities in her employees, students and clients.  Johane's smile and charisma captivate any audience while she teaches us how to fill the gap between inspiration and results with right, measurable actions." 

Lauren-Founder of GROW Leadership