About Us


Joyous Leader is a restorative practice firm focusing on personal, professional, and organizational growth. 

More than just another wellness organization, Joyous Leader empowers leaders, managers, and decision makers to enhance innovation, build capacity, leverage influence and grow exponentially. Joyous Leader provides leadership coaching, training, management development and bridges the gap between vision and results through strategic actions. 

Joyous Leader trains leaders, managers, and decision makers how to activate their natural relaxation response through targeted techniques that stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system; this creates positive feelings, reduces stress, and renew energy.

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Our Mission

Joyous Leader sees self-change as the impetus to creating a more peaceful, prosperous, and loving world from the internal to the external.We lead our lives with joy by being consciously present in mind, body, and spirit to the people and the inevitable vicissitudes of life. We consistently use bio-psycho-social-emotional leadership and communication tools to lead our lives with grace, strategy, and style.


Joyous Leader's four core tenets:

Awareness: Self-awareness, social-awareness, self-management, and relationship management

Education: Educate oneself about oneself, the world, skills, tools, concepts, and ideas

Practices: Take action and apply education with fidelity and frequency

Results: Assess one’s progress and measure outcomes

Johane’s Biography

Johane Ligondé is the founder of Joyous Leader Consulting Firm and an award winning principal, educational strategist, and transformational coach.  She has spent almost two decades helping young people, teachers, and leaders create joyous spaces in their lives that nurture the heart as well as the brain to accomplish the highest levels of success.  She believes that internal change is the impetus to systemic change.  Founder of the Joyous Leader Consulting Firm, Johane empowers thousands of people from all over the world through her audio, video, personal development and leadership training programs. 

A woman with a calling to integrate compassion and joy in our daily lives, Johane embodies a clear message that wellness of mind, body and soul will create greater self-satisfaction and move organizations to greatness.  Whether you are at the top of your game or you are experiencing distress, Johane’s proven strategies will compel you to achieve greater joy, peace, and success in your personal and professional life.

In addition to her formal education as a school principal with a Masters in Educational Leadership from Teachers College, Columbia University, she received coaching training from John Maxwell, Tony Robbins, and Lisa Nichols. She has presented to members of Congress on practical life skills and mindfulness tools to effectively combat trauma and stress in schools.   Johane currently teaches educational leadership courses to aspiring education leaders at Teachers College, Columbia University.


Johane’s Leadership Story

"For what will you be remembered?" is a question that echoed in my soul when I sat in my car in the Fedex parking lot alone and immobile with an ear splitting headache and numbness in my left side, blurred vision, and a brief loss of consciousness.  I remember opening my eyes and looking at the bright blue sky, the white snow on top of my windshield, and I knew something was wrong.

A few minutes later, I found myself at the local hospital emergency room, holding my heads in my hands, crying uncontrollably and desperately trying to use the breathing techniques that I had learned and taught to so many people over the years to center themselves.  Unfortunately, with each breath I took, my cries turned into sobs.  I was consumed with feelings of guilt, shame and helplessness. 

"I am better than this," I said to myself.

I prided myself on having an impeccable appearance because it symbolized my attention to detail and my commitment to always being prepared.  When you saw me, you felt my passion for life and felt energized by it.  However, I was tired and stressed.  

On that day, my mascara painted black streaks on my face, and I knew that I had to recommit to my own self-care.  My body demonstrated stroke like symptoms because of undue stress. It was hard for me to accept that I had become part of the 78% of Americans who reported feeling physical ailments due to stress. After all, I meditated and taught mindfulness.  What I did not take into account was the importance of all sources of energy, such as sleep, healthy foods, and exercise.  Yes, I meditated, but I needed to create a more balanced life with proper sleep, healthier foods, and sufficient exercise.  

With the guidance of my mentors and coaches, I reconnected with myself and committed to helping other leaders to do just that!

So, I am here today to tell you that your well-being matters.  You do not have to hit rock bottom to place yourself on your priority list.


You work so hard and deserve to live a JOYOUS life while you are achieving professional and financial success.  JOY is possible with a refocus on our internal wellness; we have to care for our physical bodies, our emotional and mental health, and our intellectual and spiritual growth.  When we ignore our own well-being, we are unable to be best that we can be.

If you are looking for some inspiration to get you into action, contact me.


Self-Care Leadership Coach, Speaker, Trainer, Aromatherapist, Award-Winning School Principal & Organizational Culture Thought Leader